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Such a whimsy horror game. Definitely didn't see that ending coming. I loved the voices it was cute. A little hard on the controls. 

Omg what the hell did I just play ?!!!!Great game ! I liked the way you told the story !

Thanks for giving it a look, I'm glad you liked it! My apologies for the confusing controls. Definitely something I'll look out for in the future!

Good Luck :)

Thought this was a lovely little game. Very good considering the small time frame you had to make it. 
The 'voice acting' made me laugh. Was not expecting that xD
This was a really great concept for a game but found it quite hard to play. It would work so much better as a mobile game thats for sure. You'd be able to swipe better then. 
I talked more about the game at the end of this video. But generally, really happy i found and played this game. Keep up the good work for any future games :) 4/5 - 5 if the controls were easier. But that might just me being harsh. 

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! I really enjoyed watching you play through the game (especially glad that you went back for another ending). I'm sorry that some of the dialogue was getting cut off early, but at least it didn't seem to lose anything important. You did a good job of reading it like it was intentional anyway, so thanks for that too!

thanks for taking the time to watch my video ๐Ÿ˜Š I honestly thought it was a great little game. I didn't want to criticise small dialogue issues like that and make a big deal out of it, for others watching to notice, as it still seemed to flow well regardless (99.9999% of the time) ๐Ÿ˜ have you considered expanding this game, or you just leaving it as it is? 


I'm mostly treating it as a learning experience, but I have considered coming back to work out a 'full' version at some point. A bunch of stuff ended up getting left out to make sure it got done on time!